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The Fair Recruitment Agency, LLC can save your business time and money by only referring those candidates that are best qualified for the job.


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Why Employers Use Recruitment Agencies

Business owners turn to recruitment agencies for their employment needs because they find it to be the quickest and most cost effective way to fill vacancies. It allows them the time to manage their own businesses while at the same time fill job vacancies.

Recruitment agencies save businesses money by sending them only those candidates that are qualified to do the job from their résumé database. It saves them days, if not weeks, searching the major job boards trying to locate the right candidates.

Professional recruiters network with other recruiters so experts in the hiring manager’s industry successfully match candidates. They can recognize the skills needed to do the job in an effort to fill the job vacancy in a short timeframe. This makes it a win-win situation for the hiring manager, the job seeker, and the recruiter.

Why Choose The Fair Recruitment Agency?

The Fair Recruitment Agency, LLC fills job vacancies for businesses not only in the New York Tri-State area, but across the United States and internationally. While we specialize in retail sales, administrative, human resources, and the customer service industries for executive and non-executive positions, our experience is to help any hiring employer that we can by utilizing the resources we have on hand, as well as our industry partners to fill their open positions in the fastest way possible. Why? Because we focus on quality not quantity when it comes to filling a job vacancy. And, our goal is to "Get America Back To Work, It’s Only Fair!"

To Your Benefit

High quality service

Lower recruitment costs

Access the "hidden candidate" market

Advanced sourcing and selection process

Maintain your confidentiality

Reduce post-hire downtime

Our goal is to add to your existing recruitment process and we believe that the best way to do this is by providing you with the right match for your open positions all the time. With our advanced screening process, we are able to identify top-talent, making it possible for us to present you with the best candidates in the market, over and over again.

Top performers are further evaluated through our specialized assessment tools, to ensure a perfect fit with your organization. Furthermore, we develop a relationship with our candidates in order to understand their needs better. Therefore, candidates we place are more likely to stay at their positions.

Jo-Ann Fair, Owner

Jo-Ann Fair We offer an array of unbundled services and we don't have the high fixed costs that brick-and mortar locations have. Because our business is online, you will be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable rates. Our goal is your complete satisfaction or we will replace the candidate you hired within the first 90 days of the hire date.

Contact Jo-Ann Fair for a free consultation by filling out the Contact Form on the Contact Us page and we both can determine if The Fair Recruitment Agency, LLC is the right fit for your business needs!


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